Initially inspired by found driftwood, I turned my hand to pyrography after relocating to the South Coast of Cornwall twenty years ago. 


My exploration of this ancient medium has involved wildlife, sealife, botanicals, portraits and text, ranging stylistically from illustrative to impressionistic to abstract and more. 

As my interest in pyrography grew, I began to develop my interest in wood, switching my canvas to materials pertaining to the local environment; hardwoods, fruitwoods and other kinds including birch, cherry, gingko, cotoneaster, walnut and mulberry to name but a few.


Each piece is prepared individually by hand - sliced, sanded and smoothed to bring out naturally occurring qualities including colour and grain.

Although I work primarily from my own sketches, drawings, photographs and ideas, my love for the medium keeps me excited to take on new subjects, collaborations and commissions.


All works are made using a Peter Child hotwire pyrography machine, blowtorch, dremel and scorchmaker. 


Currently my work can be found in the following galleries and venues:

Gallery Anthony, Mullion


Spindrift Gallery, Portscatho

Samvado | Wood Stone Metal Sculpture Cornwall, St Martin